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"Packed with sticky stomps that recall the ravaging riffage of AC/DC, the restless bop of the Ramones and the bluesy groove of the Stones." -- LA Weekly


"This U.K.-to-L.A. transplant mixes British pop–from Elvis Costello to the Beatles to Oasis–with the melancholy prettiness of Cali folk-rock." -Los Angeles Times

Coyote Shivers

“Simple, stripped down guitar/bass/drum arrangements,
upfront vocals and lyrics that are humorous and frank.”
-- Guitar World

Betty Blowtorch

“All raucous metal-punk and red-meat hard rock that invites countless comparisons, the Betty girls were, nevertheless, distinctive." - Billboard

Dear John Letters

"One of Seattle's top bands...exploring the yearning, melancholy side of love and relationships with pure musical poetry." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer

IffyThe Januaries
SUPAGROUP to appear as themselves
(and play two songs!) in the upcoming
Element Films / MGM movie "COLLEGE".
Opening in 2,000 theaters nationwide
Labor Day Weekend - August 29th.
Go see it!

SUPAGROUP's new single "Jailbait" just
went to radio. We're getting "adds" all
over the place and the band is playing
radio shows to support it. Fuck yeah!
Check out Supagroup's myspace page
for more details.