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"Packed with sticky stomps that recall the ravaging riffage of AC/DC, the restless bop of the Ramones and the bluesy groove of the Stones." -- LA Weekly


"This U.K.-to-L.A. transplant mixes British pop–from Elvis Costello to the Beatles to Oasis–with the melancholy prettiness of Cali folk-rock." -Los Angeles Times

Coyote Shivers

“Simple, stripped down guitar/bass/drum arrangements,
upfront vocals and lyrics that are humorous and frank.”
-- Guitar World

Betty Blowtorch

“All raucous metal-punk and red-meat hard rock that invites countless comparisons, the Betty girls were, nevertheless, distinctive." - Billboard

Dear John Letters

"One of Seattle's top bands...exploring the yearning, melancholy side of love and relationships with pure musical poetry." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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